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Saved and Boolean Searches

I'd love to be able to:
1) Have boolean queries for searches like 2Do has for smart searches: http://2doapp.com/macfiles/2DoManual.pdf

2) Have saveable boolean search queries.

Right now I think a critical lack is to be able to see things like "Things due in the next 3 days". There seems to be no easy way to quickly view that without 3 separate searches for @today and then @tomorrow and then @Wed (assuming that's 2 days from now).
This of course needs to be saved

V2 might include boolean queries so it can be customized and could possibly solve the above if we more date / time based filters "@next 7 days" along with saved searches
If all major fields could be searchable then we'll have a very powerful todo system. This is something Todoist and 2Do (especially) excel in.

I love the outliner and quick add feel for this app and feel having a simple, saved and customizable (boolean field queries) would make this a feasible all in one todo app.
I'm a developer as well and am really impressed with great work here.

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  • Furash commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think this is the case where Todoist really nails it. Their queries (which can be saved as filters) support
    - include / exclude
    - and/or
    - grouping ()

  • Thomas Holth commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Would be great to be able to use for example boolean operators like AND and OR in searches. Or search before certain date/time, or between dates. Or next week.

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