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Improve Date and Time Planning Functionality with Nesting and Formatting

In order to effectively plan the day, I'd love to plan as follows:

- @05:30-06:00 Wake Up habit
- @06:00-08:00 Family Time
- @08:00-12:00 Work on Y

and have the according Calendar/Agenda Entries created with the correct timeframes on the 27 of November 2018, simply because I have them as children underneath a dated parent, unless I also define a specific date on the child node.

At the moment I'd have to define a date on each node, which sucks for daily and weekly planning. Also, defining the time-frame as described above doesn't work (I'd have to use 05:30 30m) which is annoying.

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  • Mattis Weiler commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    What would be even more amazing is if we could somehow link tags with calendar colors in settings, so that the calendar is perfectly layed out and colored (e.g. green for physical activities, blue for work related tasks, red for family time etc.)

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