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Explicitly assign items and tasks to contacts

Associating items with +contacts or creating custom #tags (as described at https://www.moo.do/blog/project-management/#tagging) are both very limited.

The problem with +contact is that there's no way to differentiate between those that are assigned to the item and those that are mentioned because they are relevant in some way, such as someone I need to call.

The problem with #tags is that it's very limited. It only supports a very narrow range of use cases where the people who can access the Moo.do file actively assign items to themselves or check to see what's been assigned to them. For example:
1. There's no way to prevent notifications for items that are explicitly assigned to other peoples' tags.
2. It's also impossible to assign a task to somebody who is not privy to the specific Moo.do file (which could theoretically be accomplished using emails, or managing permissions, despite Moo.do files sitting on Google Drive).
3. When there are just a couple people working on a project/board/workspace/whatever, a tag-based convention can be very effective, but when you're working with a larger team, or managing a family schedule, the convention just don't hold up. Non-techies (mostly) just don't "get" it.

There are other use cases, but I hope I got the main point across.

I'd like to suggest that another prefix be added that explicitly denotes assignment.
* I suggest the ampersand (&). It's a familiar symbol, doesn't conflict with other symbols, doesn't have an obvious and therefore confusing meaning (like $ or %), and rarely shows up at the beginning of a word.
* It would work a lot like +contact, so it would be highlighted.
* It would be searchable (e.g., "&John or &Joe" would show items assigned to one or both of them).
* It would affect notifications. Assigned items with due dates and times would only notify the assignees.
* It would be possible to sort/prioritize items assigned to &me on the agenda or other boards.
* Ideally, I'd also like to be able to share by assigning, so someone new would be invited somehow, or maybe even managed completely by email. I know this gets complex, but even just differentiating assignees from mentions and random tags would be immensely useful.

I'm definitely not ruling out other approaches, but without a better way to assign items, I can't get other people to join me on Moo.do, which means that I end up using other, far inferior tools, which makes my life much more complicated than it needs to be.

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