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Hotkeys to jump to parent and to jump to next/previous sibling

Since the latest major release the hotkeys for navigating have become way more powerful :)

There's still a frequent motion that I find myself reaching for the mouse though.

That's moving focus from currently selected line to it's parent, skipping any other visible siblings on the way. While doing this, I don't want to change what I see on the screen by collapsing or zooming items, so can't use those shortcuts.

For example:

If my focus is on Child3, I don't think there's a way to immediately jump up to the Parent, without going via Child2 then Child1 then Parent.

Secondly, if I'm focused on the Parent and want to jump to Sibling, I have to either:
- go via each child of Parent,
- collapse Parent and move down (I still want the children visible)
- Use Alt+J to jump (this is still slightly longer, I have to enter the node name)
- Use the mouse :(

The new Alt-J jump feature is good and I'm trying to use this more, but it's still a longer workaround than simple keys such as Alt Up or Ctrl Up or something like that.

Linking two other ideas that are along similar themes:

[Best and easier way to navigate, open, close, and zoom in lists with keyboard shortcuts (the same shortcuts that WorkFlowy has for instance) – Customer Feedback for Moo.do](https://feedback.moo.do/forums/274238-general/suggestions/13255179-best-and-easier-way-to-navigate-open-close-and)

[Control + arrow keys combination to navigate and open/collapse and zoom in/ zoom out – Customer Feedback for Moo.do](https://feedback.moo.do/forums/274238-general/suggestions/15337044-control-arrow-keys-combination-to-navigate-and-o)

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    Okay, my indentation in the example structure was lost. Let's try this:


    Is that clearer?

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