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Dependency between tasks

I have tried out many organization apps out there (like monday.com) that philosophically claim that hierarchies are a bad idea. They are absolutely wrong, and that's what I love about you guys. Hierarchies are not only great but indispensable when it comes to organizing complex projects.

The one thing you guys are lacking is the ability to link different tasks (possibly from different branches) together as a dependency. TAsk G depends on TAsk C. The dependencies can be:

1) C has to finish before G can start
2) C has to start before G can start
3) C has to finish before G can finish
4) C hast o start before G can finish (this is seldom used)

Whenever a task with linked dependencies is checked as complete the system can verify its dependency links and bring up warnings or reminders to the user regarding the linked tasks.

1) "TAsk C is done... would you like to bring TAsk G to start working on "

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  • Luigi commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    i spent last two years to find an app to manage "anything" from projects, emails, online resource, ecc...and many-to-many features is necessary. ex. i want to link a resource to a task of a project but also to another project task too.

  • Jorge commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I understand the need/desire for simplicity. But it could be an optional feature that only advance users of big /complex projects would use. For everyone else they just need to know it's possible in case they need it.

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